Friday, September 13, 2013


Do you ever hate something when it's on your needles. You think it's dumb, has a gross texture, is turning out horrible. Then you actually finish it... and like it a lot better as an FO. Yeah that's how these were. They aren't for me sadly, though I kinda want them. Funny. It was my birthday yesterday and I'm making a gift for someone else.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I grew some cacti in a cup. I only note this now because I've had them for awhile and now they're actually getting big. It's exciting. On another note of things I did myself I made a facecloth. And I'm sure everyone is like, oh wow. A washcloth..? I know it's not a lace shawl but YarnHarlot made a post about washloths and the other day I got some really awesome soap that smells like fruit and rainbows.
So I made a somewhat rainbowy facecloth to match. And let me tell you. The hype is right. I've never had anything softer and gentle on my face before than nice thick kitchen cotton.