Monday, August 26, 2013

Why did that Convention have Yarn?

It wasn't a fiber fest, even a ren faire. It was an anime convention, containing all things nerdy, video games, and japanese.
Sure I was expecting knitted objects in the Artist's Alley, there's always amigurumi or crocheted custom objects. But I wasn't expecting handspun. Beautiful bulky expensive handspun, in rainbow sugar rush colors.
Then again!
I came back to explore more booths and found more.
Lots of excitement both finds, connecting to the artisans who I'm sure were surprised at the sales.
The bulky "Sweet Tooth" was barely enough for a hat that I almost immediately cast on.
So I had to pick up from the bottom with a dull blue alpaca mix. The colors turned out so rainbowy, it nearly turned me into a process knitter.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's not Perfect but I Tried

this is my first pair of socks.
the first one is grafted in correctly.
both have ladders that make my ankles a tiny bit chilly.
and one may or may not be longer than the other, it's hard to tell.
one's a tiny bit more snug than the other.
both keep my feet warm
this is a fingerless knit for my special someone.
the thumb hole appears to be a bit big.
the "lace" is off in many places.
the yarn was difficult to work with.
but I know my special someone will love it just as much as they love me.

Friday, August 2, 2013


I just finished my first sock ever today. I'm super excited. Like way more excited than I maybe should be. So excited that I want to show you what's technically a UFO but isn't really because it's a finished something. What's up with that anyway? A single mitten or a single sock is considered an unfinished object because it's missing a mate. Why can't I just have some single lady socks up in here?
Fun fact I started these February 2012 but procrastinated on turning the heel for over a year.