Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nothing to Note

I feel like when I don't even bother to take a picture it's just kind of mundane knitting.
That or I'm losing some of my knitting fever.
I suppose you could say I'm in a slump.  I made these amazing socks. Hand dyed 100% Bamboo. And I think I used up all my knitting mojo on them. One was slightly too short and neither of them want to stay up without the assistance of Scotch tape. I wore them on St. Patty's and spent most of February making them, as the yarn was a Valentine's gift. They helped me through some really cold days at work, even if I needed tape garters. Other than that... I tried to make another pair of socks, but they failed and now have a gaping hole in them.
They didn't look that great either.
I made a couple bulky hats, and a bulky scarf, but somehow I feel it doesn't count.
The other thing I'm atleast semi proud of was a derp cotton scarf I made. Had braided cables and a dude bought it from me at school for his daughter for $60!! I know that's actually reasonable for handknits, but wow it was nice to get cash for something I made for once. Instead of waiting weeks for my day job's checks to come in. 
Anyway maybe I'll update more often.

Other than that a group I was in had something called a hat marathon, I love making hats so I joined, then my sister stole my circulars. So I didn't get very far.
I guess I had a more productive 3 months than I thought...

And it made me kind of happy that I gave away those bulky burgandy hats, and that blue one with the stars. Two to coworkers on a very cold day(outside job). I wish I could be that silly hat lady more often. Knit coworkers crap, and just give them away on a whim.
Too bad it's spring now.

Maybe the reason I haven't been updating is because it was Spring Break and that was a trying time. It's our busiest time of year so my hand was too sore to be knitting.
Either way I've just been kind of discouraged lately.

Like nothing I make turns out right. I could blame it on never using patterns, but then again I don't feel like I should need them.
From the last time I posted I've had 7 FOs, so I suppose that's good progress.
I really want to knit my stash down to something manageable for college.

I gave up yarn for Lent so lately it feels like I'm knitting because I'm supposed to not because I want to.
Maybe it has something to do with catching up with Supernatural.
Now that I don't have something to watch while knitting I don't wanna knit?
I still have things to watch though so maybe I'm just actually being productive.
I half cleaned my room yesterday after all.

I've been channeling yarn buying into pony buying.

Except this is a stash I can't knit down.

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