Thursday, January 30, 2014

Types of Yarn

I recently made a thread about display yarn, and I realized yarn kind of has different categories besides weight.
There's the crappy acrylic that your friend gave to you because you knit, or are too frugal to pass up, the bad color combos that you can never pair with anything, usually also gifts or sales.

The normal mundane stash that you've seen a million times and probably have plans for but you haven't gotten around for and is the sort of cereal part of your marshmallow cereal.It's nice, probably acrylic or other reasonably priced things.

The Practically FOs, yarn that's been paired up to a pattern and needles and are screaming KNIT ME NEXT PLEASEEEE OMG. But you can't knit fast enough to keep up with it. These are usually pretty exciting, new and maybe recent stock from your LYS.

Then there's display yarn. Display yarn is yarn from the stash deemed "too good" to ever knit. Maybe it's exotic and you don't know how you'll ever find musk ox down again, maybe it was handspun that was really expensive and you don't want to waste it on a bad project.
Or maybe it's sentimental, or was your first handspun yarn, and it seems like an FO all on it's own.
Or it literally looks better as yarn than it ever will as a scarf or sock.

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