Monday, January 27, 2014

Emerging from Hibernation

Christmas, dead uncles, winter.
Anyway, spring sem has started and work is starting up too. 

I found out I like headbands. My friend brought me a teeny bit of yarn that broke off when winding for me to sample and I quite enjoyed it. Manos Del Uruguay I believe, very squishy 70% Merino, 30% Silk mmm.
I didn't have that much though of course she gave me a tiny ball, so I needed something for a scrap amount and just knit till I ran out then supplemented with an icord and made up a flower. Matched the scarf she gave me.

That was early Jan, then this past week I finished up a hat I cast on in October, then made a cute hat for my sister who really likes mice and rats. I'm pretty happy with all of these projects.  The green hat is Foliage Hat and is nice for people like me who are afraid of lace and have a good handle on cables. Not too lacy so it still makes sense as you're knitting it and will know if you mess up.

The rat hat was improvised and influenced by my whimsical 17 year old sister. I designed it but based on her criteria. Pink nose, black whiskers, pink ears etc.

Looking to the future I'm probably going to participate in Ravelympics this year, as well as a Hat Marathon where I try to make 13 hats in February. What will I do with 13 hats? Keep them maybe? Probably keep them in the birthday pile, or give them to coworkers who hit high sales this season as a reward.

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