Tuesday, July 30, 2013

But she already has a coat

I've had some yarn. For a very. Very. Very. VERY, long time now.
When I was a kid I was into really crappy weaving, due to a birthday present loom for kids. Because of this I acquired several colorways of the cheapest yarn my mom could convince my 10 year old self to buy, Red Heart Super Saver.
Turns out it still exists and I was able to log this chunk into Ravelry, and find out the colorway despite the tag being lost.
I'm not really fond of variegated but I saw someone use white to disrupt it into something nice so I tried similar.
It was going to be a hat but my coworkers told me to keep going and also reminded me how I make too many hats.
So to make my terrier suffer I gave her a second sweater. That's right second. I definitely need some children in my life or I'm going to become a crazy dog woman who makes clothes for her dog. However you have to admit. It is kind of cute.

See how happy she is?

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