Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Of Many Hats

Today I am I knitter. I wasn't before, I was a story teller, a girl, an artist, a comicker. I never considered myself a knitter, I considered knitting to be a hobby. If anything I was a yarn hoarder.
Maybe tomorrow I won't be a knitter but today I am. 
I finished a hat a few hours ago, finished knitting it, finished tucking in some yarn, even made a pom pom for it. 
I didn't have another project and for the first time. I actually didn't know entirely what to do. 
I've heard of this phenom occur in other knitters but not for me, I used to shrug with satisfaction of an FO and move on, draw, do homework. But I felt strange inside instead. I wanted to cast on something else, or pick up a UFO I'd left at home.
No wonder knitters pack extra projects. 

as a side note, I had all intentions to do other things this day, my body just wants to knit some more though. 


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