Monday, July 8, 2013


Awhile ago my sister pulled some yarn from a Michael's clearance bin and oohed and awwed over it's colors. Her room was orange, and she adored anything with a creamsicle like scheme.

What would I even make with that?
I don't know we'll figure that out later.
Days of yarn snuggling later. 
No seriously, a hat, gloves, mittens.
I look bad in hats. I don't wear any of that stuff...
A scarf... anything what?
 2 hours of knitting debate later
Knit me. A pillow.
A pillow? Are you sure?
Yeah what's wrong with that?
I've never made one before but sure...
I cast it on after a couple days to let confirmation sink in. The request was just a plain pillow, stockinette side both sides. I estimated it could be maybe 1x1 foot. 
In and out of the UFO basket it went since June, weirdly bulky to bring into the car. Hats on circs were more favored bring-along projects. 
My wrist would hurt some days from work, and I'd try to learn Continental purl to ease the pain but would be frustrated by slow knitting and switch back to English style. 
It was mostly my movie pillow, what I'd knit while watching movies or Who, or Game of Thrones once I was done with that. 
Remind me never to knit a plain stockinette sweater or anything, because this could basically be a panel of that.
And for God's sake don't let me knit a giant plain baby blanket.

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