Thursday, December 26, 2013


I never got the whole Christmas knitting thing. Personally I never saw my wonky, half-woven in finished objects as giftable in general. And my mom doesn't like hand knit things, and it never gets very cold in Texas so I guess I never thought of it as an option.
Till this Christmas.
My dad apparently was out in the cold with my mom downtown and mentioned needing a masculine hat. Something black. And actually requested something from me. Which is weird because my family never shows much interest in my knitting period. Either way I was excited. However as I wound my pima cotton I had gotten on sale at Tuesday Morning I realized there really wasn't that much. I reminded myself that most hats I make never take the whole skein, so a small skein must just mean I'll actually just run out instead of having a ton extra.
Maybe herringbone might use a bit more than just purls on a cabled hat? I wanted it to be fancier than a normal hat I mean it was for my dad!
I got distracted with... other gifts however. I made two other hats before I had the needles free for his. And then of course Christmas cleaning.
I was about 3 inches in when the loose centerpull got tangled.
I also realized it may not have been enough to finish it anyway.
Deciding to wait till after Christmas when I got some larger circulars back from a friend loan, I tossed it aside and had a nice Christmas. Atleast my dad understood.

The results for not dad gifts though:
Sister hats! Not for my sisters but family friends I've known since I was 3, the pink one for the one my age and then the teal for her older sister. Their mom is a knitter so I figured if anyone was knit worthy it'd be someone who lives in New York and someone who's mom made her fingerless mitts this year.

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