Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hand Made

I am an artist so I think I'm coming to terms with why I like knitting.

Sometimes... no, rather. OFTEN. I am told "You know you could just buy that." I think we all hear this. All us crafters.
I think sometimes I could. If I was knitting a plain pullover yeah. Hell even if I was knitting a cabled pullover yeah.
But that's why I don't make plain socks.
I make socks in my own colors.
In textures I found myself, with cables whichever way I want.
No I can't buy that. No I can't buy a sweater with, I don't know, my face on it. Or colorwork something obscene into it.

Telling a knitter that "They could just buy that" is on par with telling a portrait artist "They could just take a picture."

Besides if no one did it to begin with we wouldn't have knitting machines. And I like letting an archaic craft live on.

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