Sunday, December 1, 2013

Losing Track of Things

December first is the first of losing my mind a bit, forgetting things from the year, while regretting not keeping a more consistent blog or journal I can keep track of. Looking through my tumblr did help though. I'm also cycling today so I'm getting a wee bit emotional at 5:40 am. Considering I just tidied up my room a bit and piled my yarn into piles.

Then again looking at it right now from my be I mostly just untangled some things listened to pony reviews and pushed a bunch of junk away from my bed. Which I made.
Before I got in it.
It's comfy ok?

Just fingering through my yarn reminded me of how messed up my brain can be, I found skeins I forgot I had. WIPs I forgot I was working on and unlogged yarn. It also caused the dreaded stash anxiety, where you feel almost overwhelmed that you haven't knit it all yet.

However what did make me feel a bit better was my group PreProcess Knitters Stashdown.
It's a group that not only stashes down but makes you track your progress by logging new yarn and logging projects that use up yardage. Instead of starting by counting your stash you just try to get into negatives. Knit more than you buy. Basically. However has the convenient aspect of looking at your whole year in a spreadsheet way instead of your project page.
And there it is in it's color coded glory. This year I learned how to make hats, my first mittens, first gloves, discovered what makes me wanna knit. And what holds me back. Which turned out to be patterns. Not a huge pattern girl, I like to do my own thing.
Also made my own sweater without a pattern, my first one.
And it fit.
However I also have added 4000 yards of yarn.
Atleast I'm well stocked.


  1. So I stumbled across your blog due to your walking knitter post on Ravelry, and this, this is me in a nutshell. I sit at work for hours, being unable to knit (much) and organize everything. I have excel sheets with all of my yarn in it, I have columns planning what to knit next. I have a book that I carry around with me with patterns and what not. I unfortunately don't know enough about knitting to make my own patterns, although I am getting okay at modifications.
    I also have a yarn problem. Only buying 4000 yards... man. I have been knitting for a year. I have purchased about 50 km of yarn and have knit about 7km. I have a cupboard, just for my yarn. I'm looking through my yarn now and am trying to knit it from first bought to recently bought - so that I don't have yarn in my flat for years unused.
    I may be odd.

    1. Thank you for visiting! You're my first comment ever.
      Nice to hear I'm not the only one, once I started knitting without patterns I got a lot faster because I didn't have to do so much prep work. All you really need to learn is increases, decreases, knitting in the round and gussets and you're probably set when it comes to making your own "recipes" and maybe a good understanding of how many stitches per inch/centimeter you get.
      Maybe I should make a post about that...